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Resources and Activities

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Resources & Activities

This page includes a variety of resources and activities that have been co-created and shared among CoP members.  Some of them are still a work in progress and are intended to be interactive for CoP members to add/contribute as they see fit.





**Added September 10, 2023

Early Intervention Caregiver Coaching Crosswalk: This tool can be used to help professionals understand the various coaching frameworks/models and how language may be similar (and sometimes different) as we work to promote the use of evidenced-based coaching practices.


**Added January 20, 2023

Professional Development Survey Questions and Assessment Bank:  Have some good examples of post event survey/needs assessment questions that you think others could benefit from?  Seeking ideas for what questions you could/should be asking?  Check out the PD Survey Questions and Assessment Bank and add or borrow from it as you see fit.  


** Added December 15, 2022

Family/Professional Telehealth Stories: The Early Intervention/Early Childhood Professional Development Community of Practice (EI-EC PD CoP) Family/Professional Stories Subgroup formed to explore ways to gather and preserve historical information including family and professional stories around their experiences with tele-intervention during and after the pandemic.  This resource includes audio clips from families and professionals regarding their use of tele-intervention in early intervention.  The clips can be used in a variety of ways.  Some examples include: 1) the clips may be embedded into professional development resources you produce, 2) the content may be used in your newsletter or announcements for collaborative partners, families, or personnel, 3) the clips can be used as the basis for discussion or reflection in a professional development opportunity, a mentoring session, or you can use these to develop possible reflection questions for those you are supervising.


** Added November 2021

  • Observation Tools Being Used to Assess/Monitor Virtual EI Practices - EI-EC PD CoP members are invited to share existing resources/tools they are using to assess and/or monitor EI practices delivered in a virtual format (e.g. telehealth, tele-intervention, live video visits, etc.)
  • This is how you know EI is for you! - Most states/programs have public awareness materials (e.g. videos, flyers, infographics) that describe EI and the EI-EC PD CoP would like to know how these are being updated/adapted as a result of the pandemic.  EI-EC PD CoP members are invited to share the materials used within their programs to educate/inform families, professionals, and EI providers about what EI is (and what it isn't) so families can make informed decisions can be made about their participation in the program and professionals can ensure it is the right career path.


**Added June 2021

Capturing Family/Professional Pandemic Stories: Telehealth/Live Video Visit Questions/Prompts

The Family/Professional Pandemic Stories Subgroup created a list of questions that could be used by states, territories, and/or programs as telehealth/live video visit stories are collected from families, early interventionists, or other early childhood personnel.  Questions may be used as is or modified for a specific purpose/context.  Some examples for how these questions may be used include a survey, interview, or focus group format.


**Added March 2021

In August 2020 a survey was completed to identify silver linings, challenges, and potential solutions to challenges faced during COVID-19 (including system changes that we'd like to see as a result of what has been learned).  Here are the findings and tools EI-EC PD CoP members may use to help share these findings and work to identify future solutions within their states/programs/territories.

EI Inquiry - Overcoming Challenges During COVID-19 Survey Findings

EI Inquiry - Overcoming Challenges During COVID-19 Infographic and its sample distribution letter


** Added September 2020


  • EI Video Reflection Activity - In an effort to support those who lead, prepare or supervise professionals using virtual home visits this tool was created to help implement evidence-informed professional development practices with videos developed by Larry Edelman, Early Childhood Consultant.
  • Virtual Engagement Strategies - interactive google doc to help us organize ways we engage with others we teach and/or lead in virtual environments and a non-interactive version to share with supervisors at local program levels learning to engage/lead staff in a virtual setting: Virtual Engagement Strategies for Supervisors
  • Reflective Activities - interactive google doc to help us organize meaningful reflective activities we are using within virtual meetings.  Please add reflective activities with instructions for how to facilitate them if you have some examples you are willing to share!





Evidence-Informed PD Activity

Want to know more about the Key Features of Evidence-Informed In-Service Professional Development Model (Dunst, 2015)?  Visit the Evidence-Informed Activity page for resources and activities to help ensure you include key elements in your PD offerings.

Managing Complex Change

Want to learn with/from CoP members as you try ways to get to a change in practice?  Visit the Managing Complex Change page to interact with CoP members who are learning from a discussion let by Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak titled: "Get To A Change In Practice: One EQ Point At A Time."




Shared Content  This page includes resources that have been shared by community members that may help you develop and/or augment the materials you use to prepare, teach, train and/or support professionals.  This is also a page you may want to add to if you are a community member and you have something to share with others.
Topic Specific Resources
Want to know about some of the topics and resources shared in the past?  Visit the Topic Specific Resources Page and see how you might gain info and/or contribute to the topic!
Webinar Recordings  Have an archived webinar that CoP members might be interested in and/or seeking archived webinars to support PD for yourself or others?  Visit the Webinar recording page! 
Archived Pages and Other Resources  This page includes links to other resources and pages that this community has used in the past to collect and share information, ideas and resources to support the development of online learning opportunities in the field of early intervention/early childhood through the use of a variety tools and technologies. 


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