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Page history last edited by Sarah Nichols 6 months, 2 weeks ago

The purpose of this page is to provide background information for people who are interested in learning the history of the EI-EC PD CoP. 


Note this community has completed a transition to merge with the DEC PD CoP. 


To join  the PD CoP visit the DEC website: https://www.dec-sped.org/cop-professional-development



Archived History of the EI-EC PD CoP



Welcome to the Early Intervention-Early Childhood Professional Development Community of Practice (EI-EC PD CoP).  The EI-EC PD CoP formed following a 2009 Division of Early Childhood conference session on the Effectiveness of Online Learning which was facilitated by Ted Burke and Sarah Nichols from the Illinois EI Training Program.  Participants in this session recognized that many of the people in the room were working to achieve the same goals with limited knowledge of technologies and diminishing budgets.  As the session came to a close, individuals from across the nation expressed an interest in continued discussions and resource sharing around the use of technology for professional development opportunities. 


In February of 2010, the Illinois EI Training Program distributed a survey to session participants to discern continued interest in collaborating on the use of technology for professional development.  Survey respondents indicated that the development of a community around online learning and the use of technology for professional development continued to be a high priority and thus the EI-EC PD CoP was born.


EI-EC PD CoP Group Focus

The EI-EC PD CoP priorities continually emerge from group discussions and the group focus has been around online learning and the use of technology for training and technical assistance for Part C.  The identification of universal core content that can be shared, modified, and/or reproduced has also been a focal point of community discussions and collaborations.  The community defines universal core content as content that would be adaptable for any state providing training and TA that includes a shared core body of knowledge that transcends states (i.e. family-centered practices and procedural safeguards identified in federal law).  Through technology the EI-EC PD CoP members have begun to identify and share numerous resources and members may request input and problem solve with each other in-between meetings.  The EI-EC PD CoP discussions around the use of technology for professional development are driven by the community. 


In recent years the EI-EC PD CoP has expanded its focus to evidence-informed professional development.  Members continue to support one another as we explore ways to provide high quality/evidence-informed PD within early intervention and early childhood special education.  Something this CoP has always focused on is the concept of working smarter rather than harder and one of the ways we do this is by working together to develop PD tools, resources and activities via our various subgroups.  To learn more about resources, activities and our ever-growing list of sub-groups within this CoP visit our home page which will direct you to the appropriate link or page for more information.


CoP Meetings

The EI-EC PD CoP had its first virtual meeting in July 2010 and has met every other month since then.  Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month (every other month) at 2:00 PM ET for 75 minutes.  Meeting topics are determined by the group at meetings or via a needs assessment survey.   Meeting dates, times, and minutes are posted on the EI-EC PD CoP wiki under the “Meetings” page.  All meeting agendas/notes can also be found on the meetings page along with meeting room information.  A meeting agenda with meeting room password is emailed out prior to each meeting so be sure to request access to the community and add your information to the contact list if you want to receive email notifications.


CoP Wiki

The EI-EC PD CoP currently uses this wiki as a workspace to collaborate and share resources.  People interested in the EI-EC PD CoP can view this workspace at anytime AND should request access (include a comment about your role and shared interests) in order to receive notifications of updated information and/or resources.   Members of this community can set up their own email preferences for how often they want to be notified about updates and are also granted permission to post/distribute their own resources on the site.  New members are encouraged to add their information to the Contacts List when they join.


Posting Resources on the Wiki

Members can rely on the pbworks user manual if they need help using the wiki.  The user manual can be found at the upper right hand corner of all wiki pages and is listed as "help."  Sarah Nichols is the administrator of the workspace and is happy to provide information and assistance with posting information if you are uncertain about how/where to post your information.  Sarah can be reached via email at SLN4EITP@illinois.edu.


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