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Family-Professional Stories

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Family/Professional Stories

The Early Intervention/Early Childhood Professional Development Community of Practice (EI-EC PD CoP) Family/Professional Stories Subgroup formed in 2021 to explore ways to gather and preserve historical information including family and professional stories around their experiences with tele-intervention during and after the pandemic. The subgroup had 3 primary objectives: 1) to collect stories from families and professionals in audio or video format, 2) to make the stories available for a national audience to be used for marketing, awareness, education, or professional development, and 3) to share a set of questions and a process with colleagues from across the nation that could be utilized in their respective states, territories or programs.


Resources Developed:

Family/Professional Telehealth Stories: This resource includes audio clips from families and professionals regarding their use of tele-intervention in early intervention.  The clips can be used in a variety of ways.  Some examples include: 1) the clips may be embedded into professional development resources you produce, 2) the content may be used in your newsletter or announcements for collaborative partners, families, or personnel, 3) the clips can be used as the basis for discussion or reflection in a professional development opportunity, a mentoring session, or you can use these to develop possible reflection questions for those you are supervising.

Capturing Family/Professional Pandemic Stories: Telehealth/Live Video Visit Questions/Prompts

The Family/Professional Pandemic Stories Subgroup created a list of questions that could be used by states, territories, and/or programs as telehealth/live video visit stories are collected from families, early interventionists, or other early childhood personnel.  Questions may be used as is or modified for a specific purpose/context.  Some examples for how these questions may be used include a survey, interview, or focus group format.

EI on the Fly: Captures family/professional stories in a podcast format. This podcast is designed so you can easily listen between visits during your day. Each episode focuses on an important topic discussed by Dana Childress, PhD and Emily Webb, MS ED, two experienced EI professional development specialists who have also been service coordinators, service providers, and parents of children enrolled in EI. A few episodes provide great resources and information focused specifically on tele-intervention (aka telehealth, teleintervention, live video visits, virtual visits).


EI on the Fly: Episode 1 - Tele-what?: What is Tele-Intervention

EI on the Fly: Episode 2 - Positive Experiences and Benefits of Tele-Intervention

EI on the Fly: Episode 3 - Overcoming Challenges with Tele-Intervention

EI on the Fly: Episode 4 - Supporting the Parent-Child Relationship

EI on the Fly: Episode 5 - Managing Technology




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